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I finally got the sketches from my vacation together, so I can officially start talking about my personal project - Freelance Wizard!

The story takes place way in the future, where science and magic are both prevalent, and is about the adventures of Jo and her freelance partner, Mikii.

Like most humans, Jo doesn’t naturally have any magical abilities, but after happening upon a mysterious cowl and staff, she is able to use simple magic…. which is usually not very good. She makes up for it with a positive attitude and eagerness to learn.

Mikii, on the other hand, is from an alien race that is innately magical, and has been practicing his whole life. However, his serious attitude about his craft often causes him a lot of unnecessary anxiety

There is also Hamo, owner of “Princess Pies”. She offers a lot of sage advice to Jo, while also serving the best pies on the Moon. She also…. may or may not definitely be based on an awesome person that I know…. *cough cough*

And a little (yet unnamed) bird, who apparently knows something about Jo’s cowl and staff, shows up every once and a while to be some sort of magical guide. His advice….questionable at best.

(I also included a few monster style explorations)

Right now I am working towards hopefully making this a comic at some point, but for now, I’m having a lot of fun with the brainstorming and world building!

ALSO I seriously have to thank Hannah Ayoubi for being Jo’s #1 fan and pushing me so hard to move forward on this!!!

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